The Mad Max and Mario Kart mash-up that the world needs…


There’s something to say about a film with a very simple plot, that keep you captivated for nearly 2 hours straight. I totally love George Miller’s recent addition to the Mad Max franchise with Mad Max: Fury Road. Not to mention it was amazing to see an action film with minimal use of CGI. It was good old school filmmaking, and is the very reason why the film is getting praise. You really can’t fault it.

However what happens when you mash it up with the classic Nintendo 64 game Mario Kart? You get the ultimate mashup you never knew you needed but wanted all the same! LA-based aspiring filmmaker Kris Sundberg has remade the trailer for action blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road with added elements from the classic Nintendo game.

Check it out below

What a lovely day for a go-kart race!

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