Watch baby Indominus Rex hatch in the ‘Jurassic World’ TV spot.

Indominus Rex hatching from egg in new Jurassic World TV promo

So it was just the other day that I posted 9 new TV promos for Jurassic World of which hits cinemas on either the 11th or the 12th of June (depends which part of the world you are in). Well Universal Pictures has released a new TV spot for the film and it’s all about a baby dinosaur, Indominus Rex to be precise.

As you may recall back in 1993 when the original film was released, we were wowed by the birth of a baby velociraptor hatching from its egg. Well it looks like we’ll not only see the birth of the Idominus Rex, but we’ll also be lucky enough to see her grow up and completely make a mess out of Jurassic World.

This would have to be my favourite TV spot yet, the editing, the music, the hype, it’s all there!

Seriously wishing June would hurry up already???

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