Here’s the trailer for the ‘Point Break’ remake… it’s extreme…yawn.

Point Break remake trailer

So it was only yesterday that I posted the poster for the Point Break remake and today we get to see the first trailer. I’ll be honest it doesn’t look that great… Something makes me feel they would have been better ripping off Point Break rather than remaking it. I mean The Fast and the Furious did that back in 2001, pretty much swapping surfers for street racers and virtually identical plot. To this day I’m surprised there wasn’t a massive lawsuit.

The bank-robbing antagonists of the original Point Break were a gang of surfers, I supposed they would have been considered somewhat extreme for the 90’s, but obviously now in 2015, they’re not extreme enough. In the remake they’re still surfers, but they’re also snowboarders, skydivers, dirtbikers, wingsuiters… practically every extreme sport possible, and just to add to their extremeness they party and they have tattoos.

wid eyed shock

Don’t get me wrong, I like how they’ve attempted to expand on elements from the 1991 film. I just don’t see this film being a hit with fans of the original and its new audience probably never heard of Point Break. Why taint a movie with the dreaded term remake? Or maybe I’m just out of touch.

Will I watch it? Probably. Will I like it? Depends how bored I am at the time.

What are your thoughts?


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