Romance has died! Paris removes the ‘love locks’ from its bridges

Paris is removing the love locks from its bridges

Well it was only a matter of time. The city of Paris has finally had enough of all those “love locks” on the Pont des Arts and Pont de l’Archeveche bridges, and will be permanently removing them as of today. I guess it might not be the city of romance after all. 

The decision comes as a result of a section of the Pont des Arts bridge collapsing last year due to being weighed down and weakened by locks left behind by countless romantic couples hoping for everlasting love.


Once all the locks are removed the metal grate sides which allowed couples to attach their locks of everlasting love will be temporarily replaced with painted panels for the summer, that will eventually be replaced with clear panels.

As the old saying goes, nothing lasts forever, and that includes your love that was once so beautifully passionate and cherished will wither and die like a flower void of water. Ouch.

The 1st of June in Paris will now be known as the day romance died.

[via/ BBC News]

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