Disney to remake ‘Sister Act’

Disney is making a sister act remake

Because here’s a remake no one wanted. Walt Disney Studios has announced plans to remake the 1992 classic Sister Act for a whole new generation. The problem being the original is perfect, IT DOESN’T NEED A REMAKE!  Disney is known for making some pretty great movies, even when they are remakes, but seriously Sister Act? I’m not a fan of this. Not at all. The whole idea of it makes me sad.

“Disney is developing a remake of the 1992 Whoopi Goldberg comedy “Sister Act,” TheWrap has confirmed. Karen McCullah and Kirsten Smith, the writers behind 2001’s “Legally Blonde” are attached to write the script. The duo also worked together on the female-centered comedies “10 Things I Hate About You” and “She’s the Man.” Alli Shearmur is attached to produce. She previously collaborated with Disney on this year’s live-action update of “Cinderella,” which grossed $531 million worldwide … No word yet on whether Goldberg or any of the original cast will return for the remake.”

The only Sister Act worth watching is a Whoopi Goldberg one. If she’s not in it, I’m not watching it. I just can’t get on board with this. It’s a sad thought that very company that came up with inventive and original Sister Act can’t come up with another original story instead.

But for old times sake here’s this…

Would you watch a remake of Sister Act?


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