This Walmart fight between two woman and a son has gone viral.


I have a bucket list and alongside going to Kensington Gardens and getting a photo with the famed Peter Pan statue, I also want to go to the United States and check out a Walmart in the hope to see a glimpse of the ridiculousness that is the People of Walmart. I’ve lost counting the hours wasted laughing at the antics that go on in the chain of department stores.

Just take this story where videos have surfaced capturing two women unceremoniously kicking the shit out of each other. The whole fight unfolds in typical dramatic fashion that sees one woman leaping from her motorised scooter to engage in battle with another woman of equal level of white trash wearing a “You Only Live Once” T-shirt.

While the reason for the argument is unclear, it’s pure white trash fighting.  Fists are flyings, sandal coming off, slaps are echoing, hair is being pulled, nails are tearing skin, one of their children even joins in on the battle royale, and the aisle of Walmart is slippery mess soaked with lotion. There is a beautiful moment between mother and son, when she tells her child, “Johnny punch her in her fucking face.”

I’m seriously not kidding. I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.

It’s the kind spectacle that is instantly swallowed up by online media, and before you know it, you can’t help but find yourself reposting it over every social network at your finger tips. Should you feel guilt? Probably. But you won’t. The many bystanders failed to do a thing instead filming it for your own entertainment, so you’re just simply paying it forward.

Who needs Jerry Springer when you’ve got Walmart!

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