The latest in Redneck Fashion is here…Redneck Boot Sandals


Rednecks + Fashion does seem like two words that should never go together. Kinda like Redneck Chic. I’ve never been a big fan of cowboy boots, however there are some that adore them, but what about those that want to embrace those boots but still get a little sun on their toes? 

Well for those kind of people or what I would like to call troglodytes (thanks to re-watching 54) there is hope. Thanks to the “incredible” show artist Scotty Franklin, who has dubbed this creation Redneck Boot Sandals, if you send him a pair of your favourite cowboy boots and for only $50 with an extra $25 for shipping, you too can be the owner of what can only be considered the ultimate it redneck footwear.


According to the Redneck Boots Sandals Facebook page, “Lot of gals are getting them for weddings and special events. We have seen them at the rodeo, lake, beach, dressing and casual occasions.”


Ladies Redneck Boot Sandals


this is too much supernatural


[Source/ Dangerous Minds]

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