A village holds a beauty pageant for goats!

goat beauty pageant

Yes this is actually a thing. There’s a unique tradition in the village of Ramygala in Lithuania. Instead of your usual traditional pageant that superficially weighs in on the beauty of woman, this village holds an annual beauty pageant for goats.

It works like any other pageant, after getting all dolled up, they strut their stuff, and the most beautiful goat is selected and then crowned. While Ramygala might be celebrating it’s six-hundred-and-fourty-fifth anniversary, its Traditional Annual Goat Beauty Pageant might not be as traditional as it sounds. The pageant has only been going for six years. According to the Ukraine Today report the goat has been the symbol of the village since the middle ages.  I guess it’s never too late to start traditions right?

This reminds of the time when I studied Agriculture in high school and had to go to sheep showing contests. Unlike the livestock at least the farm boys were nice to look at. However if you’re ever passing through Lithuania, may I suggest dropping into Ramygala? I’m sure it would be an experience.

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