Heroes Reborn drops its first full trailer!

heroes reborn releases its first trailer

I was a massive fan of the TV series Heroes, and while the first season was groundbreaking, the following seasons had its struggles but I persevered. However when it aired its final episode with the ultimate cliffhanger, I was so disappointed. The show had been cancelled and in doing so it committed a true disservice to the fans that stood by the series with its faults and all.

So when it was announced back in 2014 that Heroes would be returning as a limited 13-episode sequel series titled Heroes Reborn, needless to say I was giddy with excitement. I thought finally fans were going to get their answers and hopefully some closure. While the teaser released earlier this year didn’t really give away too much as to what to expect, this new trailer has me all kinds excited.

Heroes Reborn releases its first full trailer

Straight up this new series is already looking a lot darker than its predecessor. We learn that after the big reveal of super powered people at the end of the original series, things went all kind of pear-shaped. As you may already be aware, Heroes Reborn will star a few members from the original cast of Heroes alongside a new group of actors. This trailer gives us our first look at the many of the characters that will grace our television screens when the series returns on September 24.

Anyone else getting X-Men: Days of Future Past vibes? Actually the series has always had its fair share of X-Men echoes. Which is probably why I enjoyed the series so much, But it goes without saying this trailer now has me counting down the days to the series’ release.

Are you excited for Heroes Reborn? What are your thoughts of the trailer?

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