Watch: ‘Scream: The TV Series’ first 8 minutes!

Scream The TV Series fist 8 minutes

I loved the Scream film series. However I was always more of a fan of the first film. That was just plain groundbreaking. Well as some of you maybe aware the guys over at MTV have created a TV series inspired by the horror movie franchise. Today we get to see the first 8 minutes. While I have my hesitation about the series, it goes without saying that the first 8 minutes at least shows the series will definitely have that Scream feel not to mention we get to see the Ghostface killer rocking a new mask.

While I do like what I’m seeing so far. I am curious to see if a series inspired by the Scream franchise will actually work on the small screen. Time will tell. ¬†Scream: The TV Series premieres on the 30th of June.

Will you be watching it?

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