Disney says no selfie sticks

Disney says no selfie sticks


Won’t somebody think of the narcissists? That’s right that happiest place on earth, Disney says no to selfie sticks. Posted signs and verbal warnings from staff members failed to contain the epidemic that is the selfie stick at the Disney amusement parks, so now the company is implementing a park-wide band on the smartphone accessory.

As of next week, Disney’s employees will start looking for selfie sticks during bag checks on entry. Visitors who attempt to carry one in will have two choices: leave it at the park entrance and pick it up on their way out, or just keep in in your hotel room or car to begin with.

The new policy goes into effect at Disney World and California’s Disneyland as of Tuesday, with the policy expected to expand to Disney’s amusement parks in Hong Kong and Paris as of July 1st. While Disney initially tried to accommodate selfie sticks, forbidding users from taking them out on rides but allowing them elsewhere on park grounds, some narcissists couldn’t resist the temptation to bring the onto popular rides like the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, leaving the company with no option but to erect prominent “No Selfies Sticks” signs at the park’s biggest attractions.

shocked mickey

But after a few incidents that included another roller coaster at Disney’s California park being put out of commission for hour just this past week, it was the straw that broke Mickey’s back. The company has had enough declaring a world-wide ban on selfie sticks at all of their parks. The selfie stick was fun while it lasted. SAID NO-ONE EVER!


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