First Look: Here’s the first new footage from The X-Files

the x-files new footage

Blink and you’ll miss it. We are 201 days from the premiere of the newly rebooted season of The X-Files coming to Fox next year and to celebrate, Fox is highlighting all 201 episodes of the series… one day at a time. Each day, a different episode will be highlighted as we count down the days until the series makes it grand return to television in February 2016. To kick off this 201 days of The X-Files, the studio┬áhas released the promo video below which features the first new footage from The X-Files.

Watch very carefully at the 32 second mark to see a short but all kinds of sweet new footage. While it may seem like we’ve got some time to wait until The X-Files will be appearing back on our TV screens, something makes us think this time will pass faster than you can say anal probe.

Are you excited for the series return?

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