‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Comic Con Trailer

Fear the Walking Dead Comic Con Trailer

For any entertainment blogger, San Diego Comic Con is like Christmas constantly delivering its fair share of nifty presents. While I literally just posted about the recently unveiled season 6 trailer for The Walking Dead, it seems like the upcoming spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead is taking the convention by storm.

While AMC had already begun releasing 30 second teasers of the exciting new series that hint at some of the characters and the setting of the series, everything was left up to speculation…That was until now. Thanks to Comic Con we have our first full trailer for Fear the Walking Dead that outlines more of what to expect from the very early days of the zombie apocalypse. So lets just cut straight to the goods, here’s the Fear the Walking Dead Comic Con Trailer.

Won’t lie. I’m looking forward to this. I like how the spinoff separates itself from The Walking Dead taking place in the lead up to the zombie apocalypse and with that providing a variety of new exciting directions for the series to go.

Will you watch it?

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'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Comic Con Trailer!



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