Russian selfie brochure because selfies kill.

selfie gun

So yeah we all agree narcissism can be annoying, but damn it can also be deadly. Because enough people have actually died in Russia while staging dangerous selfies, the government has stepped in providing a handy guide on how to stay alive while snapping your next self portrait.

CNN reports that there have been 10 selfie-related deaths and about 100 injuries in the past year related to elaborate and dangerous lengths people have gone to for their next selfie. Authorities had no choice but to act in the wake of the growing pile of selfie induced fatalities and issued a brochure advocating for safety and good judgment for those who can’t keep their faces out of a camera.

“A cool selfie can cost you your life,” stated the brochure produced by the interior ministry and handed out to students earlier this month. While the brochure is well-intentioned, but if the illustrations aren’t some of the most funniest things you will see today, you literally don’t have a single funny bone in your entire body!

selfie antenna selfie boat selfie car selfie cliff selfie gun selfie train jump

Oh and there’s more. Just download the Russian Selfie Brochure here!

So remember peeps… SELFIES KILL!

[Source via CNN]

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