Watch: ‘Heroes Reborn’ extended trailer

Heroes Reborn extended trailer

To much disappointment, five years ago the fourth and final season of Heroes came to an end. For many fans of the show it was assumed that was the last they’d seen of the hit show that redefined superhero television. Half a decade later Tim Kring and co are bringing the series back and finally fans will get their unanswered questions.

During San Diego Comic-Con, Tim Kring made an appearance to present the next chapter of Heroes with Heroes Reborn. While some might be hesitant after the less-than-well-recieved latter seasons of the series, Kring kicked off the panel saying,  “We’ve had a long rest, a good sleep, and we’re ready to save the world again.”

Judging by the recently dropped Heroes Reborn extended trailer, it looks like they’ve learnt from their past mistakes going full circle in bringing the series back to its season one groundbreaking roots to deliver something new and familiar at the same time. Goes without saying this new trailer gives me hope for the new series.

Totally loving the vibe of this new trailer that definitely brings its fair share of nostalgia while drawing viewers into a whole new exciting chapter of Heroes. If you weren’t excited, you should be now. September 24 can’t come fast enough! Will you watch Heroes Reborn?

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