Here’s the ‘Suicide Squad’ Comic-Con trailer in all its HD glory!

'Suicide Squad' Comic-Con trailer

Were you one of the millions that checked out the leaked Suicide Squad Comic-Con trailer? Go on admit it. Well finally the trailer has found its way out of  San Diego Comic-Con’s Hall H and hit the Internet in wondrous HD!

I really love the look of this trailer. It feels a lot darker than the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer that was just released just a few days ago, actually it feels a lot darker than anything we’ve seen Marvel or DC deliver on the big screen to date.  The track in the background is pure haunting and finally we get our first proper introduction to Jared Leto’s The Joker in action. Don’t burn me at the stake but it looks like he could actually give the great late Heath Ledger a bit of healthy competition in the role.

However the scene stealer is truly Harley Quinn. Margot Robbie completely owns it. From her slightly twisted intro to the costume we’ve become familiar with, saying “I hope you got insurance!” in the middle of a car chase, to the way she licks that prison bar, this is very much the Harley Quinn we’ve grown to love and it looks Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn will have people talking for sometime to come.

There is so much I’m loving about this trailer, the rest of the cast looks great and this movie looks all kinds of good. I wasn’t quite onboard with this film, but after seeing this first trailer, I’m dying for more!

What do you think?



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