Listen: The demo tape for Kurt Cobain’s first band Fecal Matter

Kurt Cobain Fecal Matter Illiteracy Will Prevail

Before Kurt Cobain found fame and fortune with the formation of Nirvana in 1987, he started off in a band with a rather interesting name titled Fecal Matter back in 1985. Cobain with the band recorded a demo tape titled  Illiteracy Will Prevail and that tape over the last few years has been floating around online in bits and pieces.

However, this week the full tape has surfaced online and has been doing the rounds. While the demo seems to be getting pulled down from platforms such as Youtube, Soundcloud, etc, word is out and it keeps popping up online.

Check it out below to hear Illiteracy Will Prevail in full (while you can) including demo artwork allegedly drawn by the late Kurt Cobain himself.

Kurt Cobain Fecal Matter Demo

Fecal Matter – Illiteracy Will Prevail

01 – sound of dentage
02 – bambi slaughter
03 – laminated effect
04 – accusations
05 – class of´86
06 – class of´86 (clip version)
07 – boatakk (clip version)
08 – boatakk (full with instrumental)
09 – anorexorcist
10 – love my family
11 – vaseline
12 – spank thru
13 – blathers log (clip version)
14 – blathers log
15 – buffy´s pregnant
16 – buffy´s pregnant (part 2)
17 – downer

This demo is an excellent early look at the talent of one who would later become a music icon. Check it out before it gets pulled off the Internet again. The cat is definitely out of the bad now so if it does, it won’t be long before it surfaces again. Yay for the Internet!

What did you think of the demo?

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