The Veronicas speak out for marriage equality!

The Veronicas Brisbane Rally for Marriage Equality

There are moments in history when you can say I was there. Yesterday was one of those days as history was made with the biggest rally for marriage equality Brisbane has ever seen with over 5000 people coming together to show their support for equal rights.

Organised by Equal Love Brisbane, attendees heard from activists and a few home-grown celebrities including The Veronicas. The message was clear. Australia as a developed country has been falling behind in regards to its equal rights, and that it’s time for the country to get on the right side of history and make full marriage equality a reality.

The Veronicas speaking at the brisbane rally for marriage equality

“Our generation stands at a cross roads, and I hate to say it, but Australia is still sadly standing behind the rest,” Lisa Origliasso, one half of the Brisbane-born pop duo The Veronicas, said addressing the crowd, “The right for two souls of any shade or contrast to be joined in a union should never be prohibited by any trivial or archaic law.”

“Now is the time for us to get loud. Now is the time for us to kick and scream for human rights.  The right to be you.  The right to me.  To put it simply, we stand hand in hand with our loved ones today, unified to send a message to this great nation, that we are here to make this country better. We are here for love, pure and simple.  Who you love is none of the government’s God damn business.”

While her sister Jessica had a similar message making reference to marriage equality being legalised across the United States and taking point at Prime Minister Tony Abbott.
“We have just arrived back from the USA where same-sex marriage has now been legalised in all 52 states, The example set by government is so powerful, so influential and that is why we are here today. Prime Minister Tony Abbott, the conversation about marriage equality is no longer a question of if, it is now a question of when. Marriage equality is now inevitable.”

We briefly caught up with the pop duo before they took to the stage for their speech asking why they think marriage equality is some important?
“It is important just for the pure fact that it is a human right to be seen as equal in not only the eyes of our peers and the rest of society, but also the government and be privy to the legal privileges that come with that.” Jessica said, “We always say we are not here fighting for special privileges we’re here fighting for equal rights.”

While Lisa had this to say, “For us it’s all about love. And that message can’t be any more loud and prevalent today than ever. I mean America has just gone and legalised it there now. In Australia we’re falling behind and it’s time we really stood up and made the change.”
When asked if there was one message that they could send our politicians they both agreed “The time is now!”

See their full speech in the video below


Once the speeches finished the thousands took to the streets of the Brisbane CBD to have their voices heard as they marched through the city chanting messages of support for marriage equality. What a freakin’ awesome day. A big congratulations to Equal Love Brisbane and all those who attended. You rock our socks!

Also you can also check out all the photos of the day at our Facebook page by clicking here!

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