Protect your “Back Door” with Stag Condoms

Protect Your Back Door With Stag Condoms

In the era of when sex is on tap due to pickup apps, it comes as no surprise that STDs and STIs are on the rise. So it goes without saying put a rubber on peeps! We at loves a good cheeky message promoting safe sex and that is what self-proclaimed gay condom company Stag Condoms has done!

In the ad, the company highlights the risks of leaving your “back door” open. In this instance, a rather handsome ginger returns home from walking his dog only to find a devilish gay romp of intruders partying in his living room.

“Never leave your back door unprotected,” suggests Stag Condoms in their cheeky new ad while demonstrating how their product is extra-lubricated with silicone lube.

Well with the quality of these unwanted intruders, I wouldn’t mind leaving by back door unlocked, but definitely protected. All jokes aside, remember to practice safe sex, because no one really wants any unwanted surprises.

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