Watch: 100 years of Men’s Swimwear in 3 minutes!

100 years of Men's Swimwear

A while back we posted about Mode Glam’s 100 years of Men’s Fashion in 3 minutes video. Now lets be honest even so some of the fashion might have been questionable there was something a little sexy about watching the model be dressed, undressed and dressed again.

Well it gives us great pleasure to announce Mode Glam is back with another video this time highlighting 100 years of Men’s Swimwear in 3 minutes, starting from the very covered up 1915’s to the loose boardies of 2015. But hey there’s abs and pecs, so we’re really not complaining.

Check out Mode Glam’s 100 years of Men’s Swimwear below.

What was your favourite era of 100 years of Men’s Swimwear?


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