The Coalition says no to conscience vote on marriage equality

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Equality is inevitable but under the current government we won’t be seeing it anytime soon. Yesterday’s debate resulted in the Coalition deciding they will not be allowed a conscience vote on the bill to legalise marriage equality, further cementing the fact that Australia still remains on the wrong side of history.

*face palm*

The ABC reports  that Prime Minister Tony Abbott told MPs that the next election would be the last the Coalition could go to supporting the “traditional” definition of marriage, and that they would need to either support a free vote or give the public a vote.

“If you support the existing definition of marriage as between a man and a woman, the Coalition is absolutely on your side,” he added.

“But if you would like to see change at some time in the future, the Coalition is prepared to make that potentially possible… it should happen through a people’s vote rather that simply a Parliament’s vote.”

It’s safe to say that Tony Abbot’s  unnecessary stalling tactics has put the final nail in the coffin of the Australian Liberal National Party regarding its longevity in government. Further showing that they would rather enforce their archaic morals and belief systems then help install a more equal society for all Australians no matter what their sexuality and gender may be.

It’s a disheartening time for Australian LGBTI people, their friends and family, but one thing that is definitely clear, the battle for equality is far from over and the fight will continue!

Time to say bye bye Abbott!


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