Cyber-flashing is becoming a thing?

cyber-flashing is becoming a thing

As we continue to make leaps and bounds in telecommunications, there’s always going to be a few who will take advantage of its loopholes and show why we can’t have pretty things. I’m sure we can all agree that getting an unwanted dick pic from someone you know or are communicating with is bad enough, they don’t usually appear out out of the blue. But alas now it seems nobody is safe from the dreaded unwanted dick pic, especially when you consider the case of Lorraine Crighton-Smith who had her first encounter with an unwanted case of “cyber-flashing.”

The poor lady was travelling by train recently in London when she received  unwanted images of a penis. What makes the case disturbing was the images were sent by a total stranger somewhere in the near vicinity using Apple’s AirDrop feature, a service which allows users to share documents and photographs between nearby Apple devices.

Crighton-Smith tells the BBC, “I had Airdrop switched on because I had been using it previously to send photos to another iPhone user – and a picture appeared on the screen of a man’s penis, which I was quite shocked by.”

When a user has their setting set to “Everyone”, virtually anyone around a person can send them files, including vulgar unwanted images, that virtually open the door to the digital equivalent of trench-coat flashers.

flashing gremlin


The 34-year-old reported the incident to the British Transport Police, who are currently investigating what is being considered as one of the first reported cases of “cyber-flashing.” I’m not too sure how law enforcement can even begin to hope to keep up with the rapidly changing mobile technology advancements we’re seeing in this modern age. I guess in the meantime, be careful of your mobile phone settings, because there’s a lot of creeps out there, and well creepers are gonna creep.


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