This Die Antwoord and Teletubbies mash-up will give you nightmares!

Die Antwoord: Teletubbies mashup

I don’t know what’s more freaky, Die Antwoord, The Teketubbies, or a Die Antwoord and Teletubbies mash-up. Youtuber¬†Robert Jones¬†has gone and made a music video for Die Antwoord’s “I Fink U Freeky” using clips from the permanent bad acid trip that is The Teletubbies.

Granted, that they only get through half of the song, but if you ask me that’s completely okay! I’m not sure anybody (including myself) could make it though a full four minutes of those baby-sound-making-demonic-possessed-creatures synching up rather disturbingly to one of the best Die Antwoord’s tracks ever. *gasps for air*

I once had a nightmare about about The Teletubbies climbing out of my television screen, pulling out chainsaws from their teletubbie screens and slicing up all my friends in my loungeroom. So I’m officially done right now. They freak me right out!

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