Ryan Phillipe shirtless at the beach proves he’s still hotter than ever

Ryan Phillippe shirtless on the beach 2

Remember when you were that sexy confused teenager watching Cruel Intentions? If you were like me, you were telling peeps you thought Sarah Michelle Gellar was hot but were really gagging over Ryan Phillipe… especially that nude scene. I remember a few times having the VCR on slow mo and even pausing it on the odd occasion when he’s in the pool with Reese Witherspoon (wishing I was her mind you) trying to catch a glimpse of penis.  Don’t even get me started on him in 54… in short he was my secret celebrity crush for most of my closeted years.

Even after all this time, and at the age of 40 he’s still hotter than ever. Early this week he blessed a beach with an appearance and praise the powers that be someone was there to capture it on camera.

The Daily Mail Celebrity and a few other publications tweeted a few Ryan Phillipe shirtless on the beach photos just to further remind you of the fact that the actor still makes the lower regions move with absolutely no effort.

Still don’t see what the big deal is?

Ryan Phillippe shirtless on the beach

Let’s take a closer look shall we?

Ryan Phillippe shirtless on the beach closeup abs

Just look at that V!


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