Woman has meltdown over kebabs and finds out karma is a bitch!

angry kebab woman meltdown

When I see videos like this I can’t but say “God bless America.” Yes, you’d be right in thinking I’m being sarcastic. A video uploaded on Thursday shows this horrible woman screaming at staff of an unidentified kebab shop because her children’s meal had green peppers instead of red peppers.

Apparently, this woman’s kids “don’t eat green things.” Great parenting there. What happened to the days of “you shut up and eat your food or you having nothing at all.” Yep, it’s safe to say she’s breeding a new generation of self-entitled prats like herself.

Oh but it gets better even after obnoxiously yelling at the works who offer to make a new meal, she shows she’s also a racist saying, “This is America. If you want to be polite to the customer, then you speak English, okay?” I think she forgot the memo that America doesn’t actually have an official language. Upon finishing her overly exaggerated temper tantrum she turns to storm out of the shop only to find out that karma is also a bitch.

The bitch got served!

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