Remember Maxxie from Skins? Well look at him now…

mitchell hewer skins

Do you remember the E4 hit TV series Skins? I used to love that show. Yes, near the end the series did have its faults, but the first two seasons were pure quality not to mention it really boosted Nicholas Hoult’s career. It’s a scary thought to think it’s been eight years since the series first graced our TV screens. Yes, the sad reality is we’re getting old. The plus side? The cast have grown up and in some cases rather nicely.

One prime example is Mitchell Hewer. He played the cute little bleached blonde haired openly gay dancer Maxxie Oliver in the first two seasons and was the subject of many crushes. I think also what made his character so popular, was not only was he cute but he did break down the stereotypes often seen in portraying young gay males in TV series. Well as I was saying earlier it’s been eight years and Mitchell Hewer has grown up to become a rather fine specimen.

Remember him as this?

Mitchell Hewer Skins Maxxie Oliver


Now see him as this…

Bed time #nofliter #calvinklein

A photo posted by Mitchell Hewer (@mitchhewer1) on

As his Instagram reveals, he’s grown up rather nicely.

Casually playing in Liverpool city centre A photo posted by Mitchell Hewer (@mitchhewer1) on

Even from behind he still brings the hotness.

Just cruising

A photo posted by Mitchell Hewer (@mitchhewer1) on

Runyon with tuckman #LA #runyoncanyon #needwater A photo posted by Mitchell Hewer (@mitchhewer1) on

Like a fine wine he’s matured rather nicely don’t you think? Well you will be pleased to know thanks to Google and Wikipedia he hasn’t left the spotlight completely most recently starring in supernatural thriller Nightlight. Now if you’re chasing something a little more regular check out his Instagram, Twitter and Youtube accounts. He just seems all kinds of adorable.

Oh how the years have passed.

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