A toilet designed for vomiting???

toilet designed for vomiting

So how was your weekend? By chance did you hit it a little too hard and find yourself in a porcelain embrace? Seriously, is there anything worse than having to kneel down on the dirty toilet floor to vomit? Actually there’s a lot but none of those I really have to urge to go out and do.

I’m not quite sure what you’d call this thing. I mean it’s not really a toilet. Because if you manage to take a dump in this thing you’re seriously trying too hard and deserve a gold star. The Puke Toilet is specifically designed to chest-height for those that need to throw their guts up. You just grab onto those metal bars for support and and let your guts do the rest.  It evens come with a nifty sign with instructions.

mind blown

According to Redditor ThangCZ  this amazing invention was found in a nightclub in the Czech Republic. This is perfect for those nights when you find yourself generously inebriated. Am I the only one thinking we need this in every bar all over the world? No more chunky bits on the toilet floor. Brilliant!

Would you use it?

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