Tony Abbott as the Australian Prime Minister is Dunzo!

Tony Abbott is no longer prime minister

So there might actually be a God. On the slight chance you’ve been living under a rock all day here in Australia, you probably wouldn’t have noticed that there’s been some serious feather rustling in Australian politics today.

Finally Tony Abbott got shirtfronted! That’s right, Malcolm Turnbull challenged Abbotts leadership to initiate the second major Lib Spill of 2015, then to further the feather rustling Julie Bishop (no helicopter is sight) took Turnbull’s side. Oh the beautiful irony of it all. Now a few hours later it gives me great pleasure to announce that Australia’s most hated Prime Minister is dunzo!

Out of 100 MPs that voted in the ballot, Turnbull won  with 54 votes to Abbott’s 44, which means that not only does Turnbull becomes the new leader of the Liberal Party of Australia, he also becomes the new Prime Minister of Australia.
‘Straya say hello to your new Prime Minister in the form of Malcolm Turnbull.
What a beautiful day for Australian politics.
Tony I’d be lying if I said we’ll miss you. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
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