Chris Brown denied Visa into Australia over history of domestic violence.

Chris Brown tour posters defaced

Now this is a little awkward. Chris Brown is being denied entry into Australia due to his history of domestic violence. Due to pressure from anti-domestic violence advocates, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has said that Brown might be barred from entering Australia on “character grounds”. Literally just before tickets for his tour was meant to go on sale. Ouch!

Back in 2009, Brown offered a guilty plea to a charge of felony assault, after he viciously beat his then-girlfriend Rihanna leaving her with facial injuries that required hospitalisation. As a result he was sentenced to five year’s probation. Well he may have done his time, but obviously some people in Australia don’t think that’s good enough.

Over the weekend, Brown was issued with a notice of intent to refuse him a visa to enter Australia leaving his tour in jeopardy as tickets were meant to go on sale tomorrow. The singer currently has the option to challenge the notice or withdraw his application to come to Australia and cancel his tour scheduled for December.
Well that’s got to hurt like a punch in the face. Even after all these years Chris Brown is learning the valuable lesson that karma is a bitch! Since Australia is obviously making a strong stance against domestic violence maybe we should also take a look at certain athletes convicted of domestic violence and ask why are they still allowed to play professionally. Just a thought.
Do you think Chris Brown should have been allowed in Australia?
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