Screw “Walmart fights” we’ve not got “Raft Brawls” to entertain us!

raft brawls

It’s well documented that I love a good Walmart Brawl you only need to click HERE to see why. However I’ve now found my new fascination in the form of Raft Brawls. Working in hospitality when you come across two having a needless brawl first you try to reason with them. Then you try an emotional plea until there’s nothing else left but to separate them live snarling dogs.

Just take this below video for instance, we’ve got two whitewater rafters, identified on the video as “sisters” who are allegedly actual raft guides (how they got their licences I have no idea), engaged in a good ole’ fashion hair-pull and face-scratch. You hear one of them saying “Why would you do that to me?,” perhaps they had a legitimate disagreement. Who know’s the sister may have bonked her current boyfriend. I guess we’ll never know. But there’s always a time and place to go at it. Obviously whitewater rafting really isn’t the time or place. But thank you nonetheless, because now we have another video on the Internet of humans being stupid. Whether we like to admit or not, we can never get enough of them.

Watch the raft brawl below.

Stupid is as stupid does…


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