This ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ – Disney Mashup just won the Internet!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Disney Mashup

I love Star Wars and I also have a big soft spot for Disney, so when I cam across this Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Disney Mashup, I nearly died!. Brought to you by the the Pistol Shrimp peeps , and if you’ve ever seen any of their videos, you know they do an amazing job!

R2D2 projecting Pinocchio, Olaf getting shot by Captain Phasma,  Captain Hook’s Kylo Ren lightsaber and the fact the Stormtroopers are freakin’ hyenas are just some of the awesome highlights in this awesome mashup that you need to see with your own eyes.

Watch the epic Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Disney Mashup below

Seriously 100% awesomeness!

Can it be December 18 already!

Screw "Walmart fights" we've not got "Raft Brawls" to entertain us!
Epic Fail: Guy showing off his lighter nearly burns his house down.



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