Would Perez Hilton’s “bath time” photo caused such an uproar if he was straight?

Perez Hilton and son shower controversy Perez Hilton is know for his controversial comments and antics (don’t even get me started on his stint in Celebrity Big Brother), he has made a living of it so to speak. Recently he posted a photo of himself and his  2-year-old to Instagram, where the two appeared to be bathing together. Being the Internet things got a little out of hand.

People were quick to jump to perverse opinions, with words such “child abuse” being thrown around and others going so far to call him “another Michael Jackson.”  At least the positive comments did seem to somewhat outweigh the negativity after the story picked up media coverage, with many speaking out that it’s “perfectly normal” for parents to bathe with their children. To some uploading the picture may have come across as a “little creepy”, while for others it came across as a photo portraying parenting between a father and son. I don’t usually like to pull the gay card, but I don’t think people would have been quick to throw nasty comments if Perez Hilton was straight. Or what about if Perez was the child’s mother? It’s sad reality that we live in 2015 and people still have this deluded idea that all gay men are attracted to anyone with a penis. Or even worst that all gay men are perverts and pedophiles. He went on to defend himself explaining that he was wearing swimming trunks.

I think it takes an extreme amount of prejudice and close-mindedness for someone to feel that they have a right to write a negative opinion of a dad having innocent fun with his son, but more importantly, think that there is something seriously wrong with a parent taking a bath with their young child. Numerous friends of mine took baths with their parents till they were at least three or four, or until they felt independent enough to do so.

“Everyone does what they see fit as a parent,” he later told the Daily Mail. “Personally, I enjoy putting on my swim trunks and taking a shower with my son as often as possible.”

“I’d rather do that than leave him unattended, which will not happen until he’s older and I’m confident he can be safe alone.”

While I’m not privilege enough to say that I am a parent myself, many of my friends are, and the one thing I do understand is that the parental bond is extremely close. It surprises me how many people who aren’t parents can’t seem to comprehend this. In many cases, the child is made up of their parent’s DNA, the parent is a part of them. So yeah this might not be the case in regards to adoption but the unconditional love of a parent is the same nonetheless and I don’t think many can truly understand it until they’re a parent themselves. It’s so easy for people to judge a situation if they’re not in it themselves.

I’m definitely not Perez Hilton’s number 1 fan, but one just has to look at his Instagram account and can see he is both an extremely loving proud father of his 2-year-old son Mario and 5-month-old daughter Mia. For me personally if I did have a children, certain photos would never see the light of day on the Internet but would definitely be saved to make an appearance at their 18th or 21st birthday. But I’m sure as hell not going to judge those who would choose differently. Perhaps all the negativity and hatred surrounding this situation is more to do with immature, ignorant and close-minded people not grasping and understanding the bond between a parent and child, but the sad thought is something within me feels that the uproar Perez is experiencing would not be anywhere near as bad if he wasn’t a gay man.

What are your thoughts?

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