Campbell’s Soup highlights same-sex parenting in a new ad.

Campbell Soup features gay couple and their son in new ad

This is just adorable and a sign that the times really are changing. In a brand new ad from Campbell’s Soup pushing their Star Wars inspired soups, two adorable gay dads give their best Darth Vader impression while feeding their son. It’s  first major Campbell’s Soup brand push in over five years depicting real families showing the world what’s really going on in people’s lives at soup time.

Of course whenever a brand decides to show that it’s progressive acknowledging equality there’s always those crazy religious extremists who get in an uproar threatening a boycott. Now if only more food brands would show their support of the LGBTI community… the bigots would starve to death.

A little bit of wishful thinking never hurt no-one lol

What did you think of the ad?

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