Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Todrick Hall are pissed off at their boyfriends.

You Unfollowed Me ft. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (#TodrickMTV)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and teamed with YouTube star Todrick Hall for an hilarious music video called “You Unfollowed Me.” Think Mean Girls┬áset in the modern times with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The two dressed up in drag to record a music video about two girls who’s boyfriends unfollowed them on social media. Of course that doesn’t go down too well. In the clip we see the guys rocking some serious hairdos and short skirts with hilarious results. They pull it off a little too good if you ask me.

Check it out below

This is a whole other side of Joseph I don’t think many have seen before and dare I say it? I want more!

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