The Internet gets a Justin Bieber penis and everyone forgets FapGate…

Justin Bieber penis hits the internet

The internet went pretty crazy today and this time it wasn’t because of a Kardashian. As you may know after years waiting for the right paparazzi to commit the ultimate act of invading one’s privacy, 100% authentic Justin Bieber penis pics finally hit the internet today.

Just a few months after that big controversy over whether Bieber’s seemingly large package seen in his Calvin Klein ads were the result of the photoshop gods or simply good genetics, we finally received photographic confirmation. It seems it was a little of column A and a little of column B.

According to The New York Daily News, the Biebs was snapped going for a skinny dip with model and rumoured love interest, Jayde Pierce on the island of Bora Bora on Tuesday. As it so happens it seems like the holiday destination is his favourite place to get down to his birthday suit. Remember THIS?

God only knows how much the The New York Daily News paid for the photos but we’re guessing a shit load! While the photos they posted had the naughty bits blacked out, it wasn’t long before the uncensored ones were circulating and the internet was abuzz with excitement from memes to the hashtag #RESPECTJUSTINSPRIVACY.

While I may have lost counting the amount of times someone shared a link or photo on Facebook and Twitter of the uncensored photos what really struck me was how many of these people were actually woman. The photos were allegedly taken without Justin’s knowledge or consent while he was under the belief he was in a private resort. I’m sure I don’t need to need to remind you of FlapGate or is this different because he was a male? Just a thought.

What about you?

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