Here’s a unicorn pooping rainbow ice cream cones #SquattyPotty

squatty potty unicorn pooping rainbow ice-cream cones

So in our latest instalment of weird shit you find on the Internet, here’s a video of a unicorn pooping rainbow ice cream cones all in the name of helping you poop better. If you’ve never heard of the product Squatty Potty, allow me to enlighten you. Basically it’s a stool that you put your feet on while you go to the toilet to make doing poopies easier.

Humans were never meant to sit but instead squat, making it easier for our bodies to release everything. Since most modern toilets are all about sitting, the Squatty Potty allegedly fixes the problem. As the hot guy with the British accent says “it gives you a smooth stream of froyo that slides like a virgin swan.” So check out the video below and watch it right to the end. You’ll seriously lose your shit with laughter.

Whoever thought a video about a unicorn pooping rainbow ice cream cones would forever change the way you poop. lol In finishing there’s not much else to say but Happy Pooping!


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