You can now add Ebola to the list of sexually transmitted diseases…

Ebola sexually transmitted disease

Because we needed another reason to wrap it up. According to a study from the New England Journal of Medicine, after testing survivors of Ebola in countries such as Sierra Leone,  they have discovered that the deadly virus actually lingers in male patients’ semen for as long as nine months. Well that’s gotta be a bit awkward considering we as the human race love to hump like rabbits.

“These results come at a critically important time,” says Ebola expert Bruce Aylward, “reminding us that while Ebola case numbers continue to plummet, Ebola survivors and their families continue to struggle with the effects of the disease.”

Recently researchers in Sierra Leone tested 93 male patients’ semen, with 65 percent of them testing positive four to six months after their original diagnosis, while 26 percent of the patients have tested positive up to nine months after.

While the outbreak in West Africa has shown decreases over the last few months with Sierra Leone not reporting a new case in a month, we shouldn’t think we’re in the clear just yet. Back in April, Medical Daily reported a case in Liberia in which one patient’s semen tested positive for Ebola 175 days after their original diagnosis.

Experts do point out that the sexual transmission of Ebola is a rarity, Aylward is pretty much saying it’s better to be safe than sorry and wrap it up, “This study provides further evidence that survivors need continued, substantial support for the next 6 to 12 months to meet these challenges and to ensure their partners are not exposed to potential virus.”

The fact of the matter is, whether you’re in an Ebola infected area or not, it’s better to save a lot of unneeded worry and wrap it up!


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