Love like Hate Q&A

Love like Hate Q&A 

Answered by: Sonja Ter Horst 

Love Like Hate

1: First of all, how are you guys doing?

We are doing really well, we were a little excited to spend a month not planning or doing any touring or shows.  I got some serious long overdue spring cleaning done.

2: Let’s take a trip back to your English Summer Tour, How was it?

The UK tour was amazing, we headlined the sold out London Vegan Beer Fest which was held in the beautiful historic Camden building and then we went on to play 10 shows in nine cities.  It was so much fun playing in some venues that weren’t typically music spaces, like the Word*Power Bookshop in Edinburgh that has original Banksy’s on the wall.

3: Last time we spoke you said after the tour you were planning to record a full length album. How is that process going?

We are still very much in pre-production, there is a handful of definites and a pile of maybe’s and no doubt there will be a few new ones at the 11th hour.   It’s such a different process than when we recorded our previous two EP’s, as the restriction on five songs didn’t leave room to experiment with maybe’s.

4: Are you still happy to be working alongside producer Lachlan Mitchell?

Lachlan is an amazing producer and works really hard to get a song to an incredible place.  When you find someone you trust with your art and you all have a respectful working relationship it’s something you preserve and want to continue with.  We are looking forward to being back in the studio, though know he’ll be putting us through our paces.

5: Did you encounter any musical inspiration while you were on tour?

We were stuck in the back of the tour bus, so were at the mercy of Josh and Sean in the front and what they put on, Chvrches on rotation a fair bit which was a great travelling soundtrack. As for musical inspiration, it was interesting to tour with just Heather and I, without our drummer, so getting into the groove with our songs stripped back inspired some further electronic development when we got back.

6: You just announced the release of a music video for your track ‘List’. Are you happy to finally be able to release this news?

Yes, it was always one of those songs we wanted to release a clip for, Heather and I both love the creative avenues that music affords like film clips, artwork covers etc., so it was really nice to step back from the writing process and concentrate on making a film clip.

7: You have said ‘List’ is about a hypothetical scenario of the world ending. Is this the theme you are sticking to in the music video, or can we expect something completely different?

The clip is very us – we both love the look of simple clips.

8: Who had input on the making of this music video?

We worked again with Adam and Toby from Contortionist Studios (21, Not My Heart, Electric Ships), who are talented film makers and happy to work on our extremely small budget.  The idea was Heather and mine and we did it all ourselves, apart from filming. We wanted to keep it simple in line with the haunting feel of the song and I think their beautiful cinematography has achieved this.

9: Was there a specific reason you chose the song ‘List’ over others from your Unnoticed EP?

We have already released clips for Electric Ships and Unnoticed, so there wasn’t much left! Seriously though, List seemed to be a perfect close to the EP.

10: You say releasing this music video is closing the chapter between your Unnoticed EP and your rumored album. Why is that?

For us, an album feels like the next grown up step for Love Like Hate, we spent the last four years teething on our sound and direction.  I think Heather and I now both have a much clearer idea of who Love Like Hate is.

11: Do you both feature in the music video?

Yes – like all our other clips, it’s just Heather and me.

12: Are you happy with the finished product? Is there anything you may have changed?

We are both really happy with the finished product, the entire clip was filmed with a drone which we both felt was a much more free way to record.  We weren’t self-conscious of someone behind a camera; it was like riding along with a mechanical dog or bee and just having fun, without anyone watching us – it felt very end of the world.

13: Was the music video filmed prior, during or after tour?

The clip was filmed after touring.

14: You two have been a band for six years now. Are you still enjoying your musical journey?

Wow six years!  Time flies.  We both love creating and writing and have very similar aesthetics so it feels natural.

15: If the world ended, who would you ultimately want to be with?

Just the usual suspects my dog Marcella and family.

Personal Q&A

1: Worst pick up line you’ve heard?

I have been fortunate enough to never have been at the receiving end of a terrible pick up line.  Though I have had the good old, ‘can I buy you a drink’ many times.

2: Your perfect meal would consist of?

Vegan mac and cheese with a glass of wine

3: If you had to be trapped in a tv series, what series would that be?

The Jetsons

4: What question do you hate answering in an interview?

Who do you sound like (thank you for not asking!)

Love Like Hate releases their music video for “List” on the 20th of November.


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