Mia Dyson Q&A

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Mia Dyson Q&A

1: Describe yourself in 5 words






2: Why did you chose your real name as your artist name?

I didn’t so much choose it as it just want that way. I had a few bands in high school with terrible names like ‘Oxalice’…

3: How would you describe the sound of your music? 

Rock n roll

4: What are some of your musical aspirations?

To open for Lucinda Williams. to record with Daniel Lanois, To tour japan

5: Who would you compare yourself too musically?

I’m inspired by artists like Gillian Welch, Lucinda Williams, Tom Waits, Neko Case, The Band. I’ve tried to write songs like The Band but it never works that well to try to sound like someone else

6: How did you become an artist?

I fell in love with playing the guitar and when I realized I could write my own songs I just never stopped

7: How does it feel to have released your fifth album and be named Double Js artist of the year in 2014?

It feels encouraging to be recognized by Double J as artist of the year and to have released 5 albums

8: What was it like touring in the states these past 12 months?

A lot of fun and hard work. I love visiting new places and I got to see a lot of new country this past year.

9: You just released a new single called ‘Tearing Up The Lawn’. Is your new EP going to follow in its footsteps by taking a more rock approach to your music?

The EP had a very varied sound and Tearing up the Lawn is probably the heaviest track on the EP. But the rest is still rock n roll…

10: Other than and EP in 2016, Can we expect anything new from you now that you’re home and ready to tour again?

I’m living in the States now so as soon as this tour is done I’m back there to record some more songs for a follow up to the EP and I’ll be doing a bunch more touring there early next year

11: What city are you most excited to play in on tour?

Darwin and Alice Spring. I love going to the Northern Territory because it’s so different from the south. I love the weather and the atmosphere there

12: Are you excite to be touring with The Waifs again?

Absolutely. We’ve stayed in touch over the years since we last toured together and it’s wonderful to reunite and play across the country together

13: If you hadn’t become musicians who would you have been? 

I have literally no idea.

14: Personal Q & A

  • Worst pick up line you’ve used? N?A
  • If you had to be trapped in a TV series, what series would that be? Deadwood
  • What is your perfect pizza?  Vego
  • What question do you hate to answer? The 3 Above!
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