This Tumblr publishes the final texts from people’s exes and it ain’t pretty.

i-dont-love-you-last message received

If you’ve ever looked back at a relationship and thought “That was fucked up” then the Last Message Received Tumblr will definitely make you feel better about things and in some cases leaving you feeling quite relieved for dodging a possible bullet… at the same time it’ll also show you that there’s some pretty fuckin’ cruel people out there.

Last Message Received collects the final text messages received from a variety of different situations. Mostly exes following a breakup, with a brief explanation of what went wrong. As you can imagine, some are rather poignant while others are pretty messed up.

Here’s a few to give you an idea.

Suddenly I don’t feel so bad about my previous relationships. They aren’t all about bad relations, there’s also some pretty tear jerking ones such as this one.

If you were ever a fan of Post Secret, then this Tumblr should be right up your alley.

So you reading any good Tumblrs lately?

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