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1: Describe yourselves in 5 words.

Sad boy groove, pretty much.

2: How did you decide on Polaris as your band name?

We’re all extremely pedantic people when it comes to decisions, and Polaris was the first name we

didn’t outright hate. We figured we should roll with it before we changed our minds.

3: How would you describe the sound of your music?

It’s hard because when we write we don’t try to contain ourselves to one sound or style, but we always

try to incorporate melody in one way or another. We like to have breakdowns, we like riffs, but it’s

melodic ideas that we focus on to carry our songs forward.

4: What are some of your musical aspirations collectively?

This is probably the hardest question because all of us listen to such vastly different music. There is

overlapping interests of course, but our inspirations and influences range from Taylor Swift, to Balance

and Composure, to Veil of Maya, and of course stuff like Beartooth. Again, if we can draw melodic

inspiration, it’s worthwhile for us!

5: Who would you compare your band to musically?

With our older material we heard a lot of August Burns Red comparisons which made sense. Though,

with our newer stuff it’s much harder due to what I said before, we don’t really restrict ourselves to one

style when writing, so it’s hard to draw a direct comparison to any single band.

6: How did the band meet one-another?

Jake and Daniel went to school together, and met myself from some mutual friends. After jamming for

awhile we got in contact with Jamie through some other mates, and then finally we found Ryan from

him hitting us up when we were searching for a new guitarist.

7: You just announced the release of your single Regress and a music video to match. Are you glad to finally be able to release this news?

To be honest it has been in the pipeline for a long time but we only saw the final product ourselves

recently. It almost mirrored Unfamiliar where the rollout was brief, but the response and reception has

well and truly exceeded what we could have hoped.

8: Are you happy with the finished product? Is there anything you would have changed given another opportunity?

Recording at STL Studios was great as always and the mix we got from the guys at Atrium Audio in

Pennsylvania came out sounding huge. The video, too, came out looking fantastic, thanks in full to Red

Boss Productions. We knew we needed to work with them to get the visual effects we wanted to use,

but the shooting and editing also came out looking incredibly polished. Needless to say we’re all

extremely happy with how it all came together.

9: Do you have other content recorded or was Regress specifically chosen for a reason?

We recorded some more material. News about that is just around the corner, so keep an eye out..

10: Is Regress a teaser for what we can expect from Polaris in 2016?

It definitely shares some similarities with what we’ve been working on, but we also have some new

songs which are vastly different. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

11: Are you excited to be currently touring with Dream On Dreamer?

We all couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the year. The shows so far have been killer, and we

couldn’t have asked for a better reason to head to Perth for the first time. That in itself is exciting

enough, but the tour as a whole has been going great!

12: What city are you most excited to play in?

Can we say every city? Seriously, over the past year we have seen our responses improve in every major

city, and with this tour hitting every one, it’s set to be a really good tour. Though Perth for the first time,

that’s going to be something special!

13: Can we expect anything new from you once your tour has finished? Maybe another single?

That sounds like a pretty good guess…

14: You guys must be pretty stoked at how well your career is blowing up. What’s your fondest moment so far as a band?

Opening the Sydney Free Your Mind show in 2014 is inarguably a highlight for us all. It’s fun to cross off

bands when you play with them for the first time, and to cross off Make Them Suffer, Veil of Maya,

Volumes, Thy Art is Murder and Northlane all in one night… Yeah it’s pretty hard to match.

15: If you hadn’t become musicians who would you have been?

Probably high school dropouts.

16: Personal Q & A

1: Worst pick up line you’ve heard?

Come sleep with me, legit.

2: Your perfect meal would consist of?

Almost unanimously burritos, but Mexican always goes down well with our band.

3: If you had to be trapped in a TV series, what series would that be?

Probably Seinfeld, even if it was just repeats I don’t think I could ever get tired of it.

4: What question do you hate answering in an interview?

Any one which is badly prepped. When you need to correct a question before answering it, it’s usually a

bad time.

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