Carrie Fisher unloads a whole heap of sass on ‘Good Morning America’

Carrie Fisher is the princess of Sass!

With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens only a matter of weeks away, the promotion for the film has hit hyper drive. The cast of the film has been hard at work hitting the PR rounds, making media appearances left, right and centre. As such it goes without saying that some of the cast may find it a little tiresome especially being asked the same old questions. Enter Carrie Fisher, the true princess of sass, who decided to leave the few raining fucks she had to give back at her hotel room for probably the most amazing Star Wars interview of the year on Good Morning America.

Not only did she somehow managed to turn what would have been a typical mundane movie promotion interview into something entirely different. Her tongue-drooping French Bulldog, Gary, completely stole the show.
Check out the hilarious interview below. You won’t be disappointed!

Carrie Fisher is our new spirit animal.
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