Watch: Channing Tatum says 8 hateful things to a kitten.

Channing Tatum Says 8 Hateful Things to a Kitten

Even while mercilessly bullying a defenseless kitten, Channing Tatum is still adorable AF! Due to the previous engagements (probably just being ridiculously good-looking) the actor wasn’t able to make it on Jimmy Kimmel Live, so instead in support of his upcoming Quentin Tarantino film, The Hateful Eight, he did a segment in which he said eight hateful things to a little cat. I’m yet to decide if this is animal cruelty or not.

Who’d have thought Tatum could be so mean! The actor even pulled the middle finger on the cute little feline. What a prick!  Check out the video below. I’m sure it’ll make you laugh. It’s just impossible to take him seriously.

On the odd chance you might be a little scarred by seeing Channing Tatum’s nasty side, hopefully this gif will make up for it.

Channing tatum naked butt

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