Watch: Alexander Skarsgard shirtless in the trailer for ‘The Legend of Tarazan.’

Alexander Skarsgard shirtless The Legend of Tarzan

Nearly a whole full-length film featuring with Alexander Skarsgard shirtless? I’m in heaven! It looks like we’ll be getting quite the treat with the upcoming The Legend of Tarzan film starring Alexander Skarsgard in the titular role. King of the Jungle? The dude can be king of whatever he likes with those abs.

I originally became a fan of the Swedish actor due to his stint on True Blood. Actually, who didn’t? This may or may not have been due to the constant nude scenes. But let’s be honest Skarsgard is just really nice on the eyes. Needless to say I’m rather looking forward to his take on the iconic character.

Check out the just released trailer below.

The Legend of Tarzan poster

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