Because the world needs a Boy George makeup tutorial!

Boy George Makeup Tutorial

Still not willing to let the 80s go? Well you’re in luck! Boy George recently popped by popped by Paper Magazine‘s studios  to not only pose for a photoshoot, but even more importantly to give the world a makeup tutorial on how to achieve his iconic look from the 1980s.

While the video maybe a bit long in length, it is littered with hilarious quotes. My personal favourite being, “I’ve put some yellow, and I’ve put some kind of green, and its kind of blended together and it’s very kind of peacock drama.” I’m seriously going to use “peacock drama” in as many conversations as possible from now on. Not to mention it pretty much sums everything up in my life. lol

Anyways check out the video below and see after all these years why Boy George is still fabulous!

Seriously who doesn’t enjoy a Boy George makeup tutorial.

now if only we could get David Bowie to do one for Ziggy Stardust. I’d totally die.

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