Star Wars Kama Sutra…. Just because…

Star-Wars-Kama-sutra 0This has lawsuit written all over it. Someone has taken it upon themselves to create The Extremely Unofficial and Highly Unauthorized Star Wars Kama Sutra.  The lawsuit waiting to happen is full of action figures and positions that even the most flexible might struggle to reenact in the bedroom. Even the author S.N. Herder (I like what they did there) admits “Most of them are not physically achievable and I’ve got no idea where you’d be able to find a Rancor anyway.” But for the the hardcore Star Wars geek this book is probably a must have!

Star-Wars-Kama-sutra Star-Wars-Kama-Sutra AT-AT Style Star-Wars-Kama-sutra attack of the clones Star-Wars-Kama-Sutra Boba Fettish Star-Wars-Kama-Sutra The Force Awakens Star-Wars-Kama-Sutra The Perfect Man

Despite this being a completely useless Kama Sutra, it does seem like the perfect tax write-off for those figurines you may have spent copious dollars in collecting. Hey parents here’s a way to make your money back this Christmas. lol

So chic. Watch 100 years of New Year's Style



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