Did Colton Haynes just come out?

Did Colton Haynes just come out

In news that will hardly surprise a few readers, Colton Haynes may have just suggested he hasn’t been hiding his past “gay life” after all.  Tumblr user named PornandMariah posted a note that read “When I found out Colton Haynes had a secret gay past, I got so excited even though i know it makes absolutely no difference in my life.” Rather than ignore or rebut it, the actor reposted it on his own verified Tumblr account with a very ambiguous statement. Check it out below…

Did Colton Haynes just come out

While the post might be pretty damn ambiguous, if this is the case, it just shows some people don’t feel the need to pose for the cover of a magazine when acknowledging they’re not heterosexual. However if by chance this is Haynes coming out as gay, perhaps he owes a few people a bit of an apology. Back in 2011 it seemed Colton Haynes and Co were hellbent on “de-gaying” his internet presence.

For those unfamiliar with the controversy, in his early years Colton posed for a photo-shoot for the now-defunct XY magazine. These pictures saw him kissing a boy in a Jacuzzi and posing shirtless in a locker room. Yes, it was relatively tame stuff but being the Internet the pictures resurfaced especially during Colton Haynes scoring a leading role on MTV’s Teen Wolf. As the story went “the powers that be” pulled out the big guns with the purpose to “de-gay” his internet presence, by threatening to sue any blogger that ran the pictures from the shoot.

Numerous blogs were hit with a threatening cease and desist letter from Haynes’ legal representative Bryan J. Freedman stating the pictures were “sordid, grossly perverted, and can only appeal to those with the most prurient of interests. That you would publicize such content is disturbing. Your election to continue doing so is criminal. The public disclosure of, and wrongful intrusion into one’s private activities, constitutes an invasion of privacy and is actionable in most jurisdictions, including California”

However this was the funny thing. The pictures weren’t private, as they were already published in a national magazine. Things got even more interesting when the alleged photographer began to claim that the photos were not his or the deceased magazine’s.

According to Title 17 of the US Copyright law : “…the fair use of a copyrighted work…. for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting…is not an infringement of copyright.”

So I believe I’m well within my rights to post the below photos in question.

Colton Haynes XY magazine

Colton Haynes XY magazine 2
Colton Haynes XY magazine 3

Colton Haynes XY magazine kiss

Colton Haynes XY magazine kiss


If the ambiguous post above is his way of finally opening the closet door, all the power to him. However, his past apparent public gay shame is still a bit of a slap in the face, especially considering how previously he had lent his celebrity status to campaigns such as Love Is Louder, an initiative to prevent teenage suicide. What kind of example is this setting for young gay teenagers struggling with accepting their own sexuality?

Whether it was his representation or Colton Haynes himself, I feel there are some serious questions that still need answering. Maybe now he might finally address the XY Magazine photo-shoot scandal and perhaps issue an apology to all those bloggers that previously received those threatening cease and desist letters.

What are your thoughts?


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