Review: State Champs & Neck Deep – Live @ the Triffid

State Champs & Neck Deep – Live @ the Triffid

State Champs & Neck Deep – Live @ the Triffid

I started off Friday morning back at work after 2 weeks and guess who I served breakfast to? Neck

Deep!! Not an average Friday and definitely an added notch to my excitement of seeing them live that

night with my all-time favourites State Champs.

Heading to The Triffid on Friday night I was pumped to see State Champs again and Neck Deep for the

first time. I didn’t have any expectations for the live performance of Neck Deep so I was solely basing my

excitement on the exposure to their recorded tracks. Live shows are the only thing a band can claim is

truly theirs and no one can take that away from them. So to me it’s always been important that a band I

enjoy listening to from recording can perform a killer live show.

Neck Deep absolutely delivered the pop to the punk and while completely smashing their set they kept

the energy from start of the show to the finish. It didn’t take long for the whole crowd to feel the

contagious vibe and an array of dancing, screaming and moshing followed like a Mexican wave

throughout the venue. Highlights were definitely the two songs I’ve listened to the most Loosing Teeth

and Crushing Grief which are both from their 2014 album ‘Wishful Thinking’. I also generated a love for

some of their newer tracks such as Serpents and December which are two of their more popular tracks

but from what I could see they were just as popular as the older tracks. Neck Deep enjoyed every

moment they spent on stage and it was clear through their energy, crowd interactions and the smiles

they wore on their faces the entire time. I was not at all disappointed with the Neck Deeps live show and

I hope to see them again someday soon!

Headliner State Champs were just as good if not better than the first time I saw them back in July at the

Brightside. Absolute nostalgia sits deep with me and this band for personal reasons so I was so excited

to finally see them again. Lead singer Derek Discanio apologized for having a haggard voice at the start

of the show and said they were going to cancel but thought fuck it we can’t let our fans down… and boy

was it worth it. The crowd showed their appreciation by singing as loud as they could and overpowering

Derek especially during the tracks All Or Nothing and Remedy. This generated a real intimacy between

band and fan creating a real feeling of belonging and band worship throughout their entire set. State

Champs should be really proud that they can spawn this amount of adoration and fandom even just

here in Brisbane and I couldn’t help but migrate into the center of devotion. I have always enjoyed State

Champs live more than their recorded tracks and as a 5 piece up-coming Pop Punk band they are doing

pretty bloody well for themselves. Taking the high road above a forever expanding genre State Champs

have done well to sit on top and not be forgotten.

I’ve never seen so many punk jumps by one band in my life and the drummer for the first time ever

spoke on the mic which apparently is a bigger deal than I realized. They catered for every fan by playing

new songs as much as oldies and keeping the crowd pumping with average banter in between songs

from start to finish.

I love to hate pop punk but let’s face it, there is very few people who can’t say they have at least one

guilty pleasure in pop punk and that for me is State Champs and Neck Deep.

There’s only a few tour dates left so make sure you check them out in a city near you!

Wednesday, 13th January

Fowlers Live, Adelaide (All Ages)

Tickets: Live Nation

Thursday, 14th January

Arrow On Swanston, Melbourne (All Ages)

Tickets: Live Nation

Friday, 15th January

Corner Hotel, Melbourne (18+)

Tickets: Live Nation

Saturday, 16th January — Sunday, 17th January 2016

UNIFY Gathering

Tarwin Meadows, South Gippsland

Tickets: UNIFY Gathering **


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