The ‘Bad Santa 2’ red band teaser trailer just dropped and it’s pure gold!

Bad Santa 2 red band teaser trailer

Let’s be honest comedy sequels don’t seem to be hitting the mark as of late. Need I remind you of how those sequels to Anchorman & Dumb and Dumber turned out? I absolutely adored Bad Santa and when I heard they would be doing a sequel I was a little worried. However, the just dropped Bad Santa 2 red band teaser trailer does give me a little hope for the sequel.

There’s a lot of callbacks to the original (it’s great to see a few familiar faces from the original) ¬†and it looks like we have a fully invested Billy Bob Thornton in the character of Willie Soke who looks like he’s completely owning the character yet again. So things are looking pretty promising, but then again I did have high hopes for Anchorman 2.

Anyways check out the just released Bad Santa 2 red band teaser trailer, however it’s definitely NSFW, it’s packed to the brim with coarse language, violent Santa fights and a few boobies.

Are you excited for Bad Santa 2?

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