Rehab for the fabulous

Welcome to my Rehab For The Fabulous. The reflections, the confessions, the understandings, and in short the rants of a somewhat fictional character.

“Whether we like to admit it or not, in life we’re all in some kind of rehab. We’re either getting over some previous addiction or event. In short, we’re all just trying to straighten out things hoping to make some sense of it all.”

While RehabForTheFabulous.com features everything from popular culture to fashion and whatever else falls in between, it also features the satirical rants and experiences from the “somewhat fictional” character of  Special K created by Chad St. James. These stories are filed under

 Rehab For The Fabulous.

If you have a story, a confession, or a secret that you would like to share that can be moulded into the fictional world of Special K, please don’t hesitate to send them to submissions@rehabforthefabulous.com. All submissions will remain 100 percent anonymous.

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Hope you enjoy my Rehab For The Fabulous!

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